Ira's VIsion for Denton County democratic Party



The County Chair’s #1 job is simple. It’s to help Democrats up and down the ballot win elections. To win, local Democrats need three things: money, messaging, and mobilization.  When we win elections, we help make the lives of those who depend on us, better.



Denton County is one of the fastest-growing counties in Texas. Its residents are of every background and belief, and everyone can and should play a role in our civic life.  Ira appreciates and values diversity from every perspective and will continue to build upon that as DCDP Chair.

Whether you’re a current Democrat or not, whether you’re a Texas native or a transplant…whether you’re a fellow business owner, faith leader, longtime volunteer, or someone with a specific skill set newly looking to get involved and give back, Ira prides himself on meeting with everyone ready and being willing to talk about growing Denton County in ways that benefit every family and taxpayer. Ira has spent his entire career matching people's skills and experience to the most relevant role.



Nancy Pelosi recently called Texas “ground zero” for the 2020 elections. If Democrats turn Texas blue, we will change the country – and change the world. And Denton County, especially, can be instrumental in making that happen.

Drawing on decades of professional and volunteer experience, Ira has been recruiting high-profile Democrats (including presidential candidates and party leaders) to come speak in Denton County. These events aren’t exclusive parties for VIPs, either. Ira connects national figures with hard-working local candidates and activists – and together, they help spread the message that Democrats are ready and able to turn Denton County and Texas blue.




The County Chair should be able to help the party raise money to help us win multiple elections at a time.  DCDP must take a professional approach to fundraising: we need a plan for small-dollar and sustaining donations every month, and we also need to be able to engage donors who have the means and desire to help us with more substantial donations.  There are people who have been waiting for that opportunity to donate.  Finally, we must also engage the business community to be a part of our team.



The County Chair is the outward face of the party to the media and press.  The chair's ability to both build a network of media contacts and the ability to get DCDP positive press coverage & publicity is the most effective way to grow the brand from a marketing perspective.  

Already, Ira has built a network of reporters and television contacts and will be able to get and keep DCDP in the spotlight.  This  helps Democratic voters have increased hope that they are not alone, and their investment in voting and in the party is worth it. 



The DCDP needs to recruit Precinct Chairs and then give them the ongoing training they need to help lead us to winning elections.  During election cycles, we will have the PC's and the Coordinated Campaign work together, in conjunction with the DCDP volunteers, candidate campaign teams and clubs to make sure we are the definition of synergy and collaboration.

There is so much energy and talent in and around Denton County.  We have people with campaign experience, volunteer experience, and candidate experience. 

 Ira's team will work with those who are ready to do more. He will build and develop relationships with the various city councils around the county.  These city and town councils are the ones who select citizens for their boards & commissions.  

Those who plan and work hard will find an ally in Ira as they work to gain opportunities across the county.  We will raise enough money to offer scholarship and sponsorship opportunities when we can for those who want to attend local and even statewide trainings.  Building a foundation for long-term success and sustainability is just as important as the immediate needs and goals of DCDP.